Things To Provide New Employees To Help Make The Feel Welcome In The Workplace


When you are taking on new employees, you will want to make them feel as welcome as possible, and there are many ways you can do this. Many companies will provide a welcome pack for new starters with lots of useful items the new employee can use, and there are many things you can include in this type of welcome gift. You need to consider these welcome packs as an investment rather than an expense, which can help new workers settle in quickly, and below are some items to include in your welcome packs for new starters.


One thing you will need to ensure you supply your new starters with is all the information they require to do their jobs. You can provide them with a contact list of people in the various departments they can contact if they need assistance, and a map of the local area to show amenities and shops is also handy. There are different HR forms you may want to include, such as:

  • Benefits Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Company Policies
  • An Organisational Chart
  • Confidentiality Agreements

A Bag Full Of Goodies

As well as providing the necessary paperwork and documents for new starters, you will also want to include some goodies for them to use in their new positions. You can include various items, and a few ideas are listed below.

A Branded Pen: You can have branded pens created with your company logo on them that are an excellent gift for new starters. They are also an ideal item to give your customers so that your company is always close to them when they require your services.

Hand Sanitiser: You can also include hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for new employees so they can keep a clean and hygienic workstation. You can also get these branded if you want or buy them off the shelf from your local supermarket.

A Power Bank: You can also have power banks made with your company logo, and it is an excellent gift idea that will get plenty of use. We all rely on mobile devices nowadays and running out of charge can cause anxiety for some people and having a power bank for a new starter can help them not worry about running out of charge.

A Branded Water Bottle: Another gift that many companies will give new employees is a branded water bottle they can use while in the office. You can get these water bottles in various shapes and sizes, and there are also different materials from which you can choose.

A Company Polo Short & Cap: You can also give your new employees a company-branded polo shirt and baseball cap, so they can feel like part of the team and advertise your brand. It is also suitable for them to wear them when they have team-building activities or social events through work.

These are a few of the options you can consider including in the welcome packs for new employees, but there are many other things you can include. Make them feel welcome when they start, and they will soon become valued team members and become an asset to your business.

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